About the Kiowa Kids Language Program

Mission Statement

The KIOWA KIDS language program was created to support the continued use of the Kiowa
language within our families and beyond. The program is geared towards community learning
and many of the program offerings are interactive such as sports, board games, singing,
outdoor activities, plays, etc. all in the Kiowa language. The program has no founders, no
board of directors, or bosses. Everyone is equal in the process and the program website has
numerous available resources (audio files, color pictures in Kiowa, curriculum, etc.) for
people to use in their daily lives. A full schedule of activities is listed, as well as
other items related to the Kiowa language. We welcome all writing systems and dialects of
Kiowa. All are welcome and all participants are valued. We hope this site will also connect
all teachers and students of Kiowa with one another so that we all support one another. The
program currently runs in Norman, Oklahoma and we hope to see it expand in the future as
interest grows. Maintaining our language is not a negotiable part of who we are as a people.
It is a necessity.

Bay P'ay Tday.   Aho!

[ Don't give up, keep trying.  Aho! ]